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Göbeklitepe Obelisk

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Göbeklitepe… Zero Point in Time…

There are substantial grounds to claim that the most significant archaeological discovery of the 21st century is the Göbeklitepe. First of all, it dates back to 12 thousand years ago. Artifacts discovered in Göbeklitepe coincides with a time when the ice age had just ended, when agriculture, wheels and writing had not yet been invented and it was 7000-7500 years before the Egyptian pyramids and Stonehengen in England were built. When the history of the world is being discussed, it is mentioned that human beings maintain their lives with hunting and gathering. The discovery of agriculture is considered to be the most important invention of the development of humanity. With the discovery of agriculture, people were free from the trouble of searching for food and feeding and devoted themselves entirely to cultural enrichment and development. As a natural consequence of this, people have begun to live together and become settled.  People who met their basic needs later developed religious teachings and started building temples. These small settlements created cities and cities enabled the establisment of civilizations.  However, the stone columns and reliefs discovered in Turkey’s Göbeklitepe region have opened a new page in the history of human cultural development and changed long standing assumptions. Because the history of these works dates back to the stone age, even before the invention of agriculture. At a time when people still continue their lives with hunting, the purpose of building Göbeklitepe, which is regarded as the first temple of history, remains a mystery with all its reality.

There are two T-shaped free-standing pillars in the center of these temples surrounded by T-shaped pillars. Due to the hand and arm depictions carved on T-shaped pillars, the pillars are thought to be stylized human forms. There are animal reliefs and abstract symbols carved on these pillars. On the merits of its contribution to human history, Göbeklitepe was inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2018.Excavations are underway around the historic ruins, and surface surveys indicate that at least 15 structures and more than 200 obelisks have been unearthed in the area.

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