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Sophia The GOW

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Ephesus was an ancient port city whose well-preserved ruins are in modern-day Turkey. It was one of the most important Mediterranean cities that mixing great culture, diversity, and civilization. The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus was a great building belonging to the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was the largest building in the Hellenistic world, surpassing even the Athenian Parthenon, and the first monumental structure built entirely of marble. The library of Celsus, another  one of the most famous monument in Ephesus. In the façade, one can see several statues: allegorically, they embody the Celsus’ qualities, Sophia (wisdom), Arete (character), Ennoia (judgment), and Episteme (expertise).

In particular, the Statue of Sofia, representing wisdom, embodies many meanings and mysteries. Sophia is a central idea in Hellenistic philosophy and a concept regarding wisdom, as well as a theological concept regarding the wisdom of the Biblical God. Sophia is honored as a goddess of wisdom by Gnostics, as well as by some Neopagan, New Age, and Goddess spirituality groups. In Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christianity, Sophia is an expression of understanding for the second person of the Holy Trinity, as well as in the Old Testament. According to The Judeo-Christian Mysticism, Sophia is God’s female soul, source of his true power.  As Goddess of wisdom and fate, her faces are many: Black Goddess, Divine Feminine, Mother of God The Gnostic Christians, Sophia was the Mother of Creation; her consort and assistant was Jehovah. Sophia’s faith did not accepted in the Western Church based on male domination, but was wholeheartedly adopted in Anatolia, the land where the cult of Mother Goddess originated. Eastern Christians were passionately committed to Sophia. That’s why they named their largest temple (Hagia Sophia) in Istanbul after her.

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